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With its compact design, the Intrepid II fits just about anywhere while providing excellent heating and efficiency.

Vermont Castings INTREPID II Catalytic Wood Burning Stove

Regardless of which method you prefer, you can be assured your heat and efficiency needs are being met in one simple-to- use stove. Whether you’re looking for a catalytic stove as a primary heat source for longer, more even heating or a non-catalytic stove for easy operation and beautiful flames, the new Encore two-in-one stove offers an unbeatable combination of superior heating, efficiency and convenience.

  • Flexible installation — With its compact size and optional short legs, this stove fits just about anywhere!
  • Made green — Our stoves are made from 100% recycled materials, and production processes use renewable energy.
  • Save money while heating your home — More heat from less wood means you’ll save on fuel. Plus, this clean-burning stove is great for the environment, too.
  • Load and go — Your stove won’t overwork and you’ll enjoy longer, more even temperatures.
  • Enjoy longer burn times — Fills to nearly 100% of its capacity so you don’t have to load as often.

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