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The award winning High Efficient Fröling P4 Automatic Pellet Boiler. One of the world’s most sophisticated pellet boilers with Lambda control. Fröling P4 boilers provide a convenient, safe and environmentally responsible way to heat space and hot water with wood pellets. P4 owners are assured of unusually high heating efficiency, low heating costs, and use of an abundant, locally available, renewable fuel. With its ingenious, fully automated operation, this boiler is amazingly easy to use.

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Froling P4 Indoor Pellet Boiler

The P4 wood pellet boiler provides the convenience of gas or oil central heat with annual fuel bills of ½ the cost! There are five P4 Pellet Boiler models available with 10 different Btu/hr outputs for both residential and commercial applications.
The Fröling P4 Fully Automatic Pellet Boiler has the following features:

  • Fully Automatic-automatic filling, automatic lighting, automatic cleaning.
  • Super high efficiency 92% in European tests.
  • Uses wood pellets in bulk or from bag.
  • Includes solar thermal controls for easy integration.
  • Used with or without thermal storage (storage encouraged).
  • Stand alone boiler or add on to an existing system.
  • Cascade control system for systems requiring multiple boilers.
  • True 3 pass heat exchanger and automatic heat exchange cleaning provide maximum efficiency.
  • Integrated storage tank control.
  • Unique in industry dual safety gates.
  • Industrial quality construction.
  • Only remove ash every 300-500 hours of operation.

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