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Environmentally Friendly & Efficient Fuel

Pellets & Bio Brick from Mainline Home Energy Services offer the warmth you’re looking for to heat your home and are also environmentally friendly and efficient. Mainline Home Energy Services is your #1 resource for living in a safer, healthier more comfortable environment in Eastern CT & Southern Worcester County MA.

Pellet Fuel

Saw Dust Compressed Into Pellets. Used in Pellet Stoves. Natural & Efficient Alternative Heating.

Bio Brick Fuel

Saw Dust Compressed Into Blocks. Used in Wood Stoves. Natural & Efficient Alternative Heating.


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If you’re interested in a wood or pellet stove or insert for your home, call the local experts at Mainline Home Energy Services. We will help you choose the right appliance for your home and provide you with quality installation. We also offer free home energy evaluations in Andover CT , Enfield CT, Mansfield CT, Hebron CT, Stafford CT, Somers CTTolland CT, Vernon CT, Suffield CT, Glastonbury CT , East Longmeadow MA, Southern Worcester County MA and throughout the surrounding areas.