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We’ve all heard the term, “Nothing good comes easy.” But when it comes to heating your home, “easy” has its benefits. You can’t beat the ease of a fire that lights with a push of a button. A blazing hearth with no tending and minimal cleanup is perfect for busy folks who don’t have the time to build and stoke a fire after a long day at work. There is no wood to split, stack or season. There is no hauling of logs or pellets, and there are no ashes to vacuum. And the fire won’t die out while you’re asleep. With a simple flick of a switch they are operational, and with a turn of the dial, you can control the flame. With some units, they can even be controlled by a remote or by a wall thermostat.

In addition to ease of use, a gas fireplace can go almost anywhere – even in a bathroom, on a wall or outside – without needing a chimney.

But simplicity isn’t the only benefit to owning a gas fireplace; they are efficient, as well. They can burn natural gas or propane (natural gas is typically cheaper and produces more heat), and you can get as much as 75 to 99 percent of the fuel’s energy back as heat. Gas stoves are also available with blower fans to help circulate the warm air throughout a room or home.

A gas fireplace can either be vented or vent free. Mainline recommends vented, because 100 percent of the pollutants caused by gas combustion, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulfur oxides, are sent outside. Vented units can have a thermal efficiency rating of up to 86.4 percent.

From an environmental standpoint, gas fireplaces produce low fine-particle pollution. Fine particles, such as those found in smoke and haze, are 2.5 micrometers in diameter and smaller. Though new EPA-certified wood stoves are much cleaner than uncertified stoves or fireplaces, they still produce more than 100 times more harmful fine-particle pollution than a gas furnace for the same amount of heat.

Gas stoves come in different types and styles. An insert sits inside an existing fireplace and contains log-and-burner sets that look like a real wood fire. A built-in can be installed in an interior wall and contain gas logs, or they can contain glass crystals or stones for a more modern look. Free-standing gas stoves are also available for a more traditional look.

Visit the showroom at Mainline Home Energy Services to learn more about gas fireplace options. We are located at 591 Ference Road (Route 89) in Ashford, Connecticut.

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