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Six Tips to Buy the Right Pellet Stove

From a blog written for the Alliance for Green Heat's "Heated Up!" series, writer John Ackerly examines exaggerated pellet stove BTU claims, proper sizing, efficiency and hopper size. His blog, Six Tips to Buy the Right Pellet Stove, offers helpful information for consumers when shopping for a pellet stove, and below, Mainline has shared some of his research. Six [...]

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October 5 is Energy Efficiency Day!

October is Energy Awareness Month, with today —October 5– designated as Energy Efficiency Day. On this, the second annual Energy Efficiency Day, scores of prominent organizations, government agencies, companies - such as Mainline - and others will be promoting energy efficiency. The growing list includes cities, utility commissions, utilities, government agencies, companies and a long list of non-profit advocacy [...]

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Challenges With Crawl Space Insulation

As many of us know, homes that are built over a crawl space often suffer from moisture-related issues due to the crawl space’s surroundings. Naturally, when moisture mixes with wood it creates a recipe for mold and other problems like termite infestation, which often lead to the deterioration of a home. Because indoor airflow naturally rises, using a vapor [...]

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Six Key Steps in Maintaining Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Mainline Home Energy Services is a Fujitsu Elite Contractor. As ductless mini-split systems become increasingly popular for both heating and cooling, the question arises – Do they require maintenance? As with any other appliance, there are a few things a homeowner should do on a regular basis. Courtesy of Fujitsu General, here are their “Six Key Steps [...]

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Wellness and Asthma Prevention in the Home

In a staggering statistic, nearly 26 million Americans suffer from asthma, including more than 7 million children. The chronic, often lifelong disease is not only serious, but can actually be life threatening for many. Those unfortunate to suffer with asthma can be affected daily by both natural and manmade triggers, which make breathing more difficult. Many of us assume [...]

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